Wordle 696 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Tuesday,16, May 2023

Wordle 696 Response As of May 16: The Wordle task for today is rather simple. Even though it might not be frequently used in regular speech, coffee drinkers could be familiar with the term. It should be simple for skilled players to solve. Due to its non-English origin, the term has a slightly odd spelling, and one duplicated letter makes it significantly more difficult. Fortunately, there aren’t any uncommon consonants, and there aren’t any numerous options. Continue reading if you need more help with Wordle 696.


How To Play Wordle And What Its Rules Are:

Wordle 696, a software engineer based in the US, developed the well-known word game Wordle. The New York Times purchased Wordle from Wardle in January 2022. The game has kept its original characteristics ever since.

A guessing game called Wordle swiftly grew in popularity, drawing millions of users to its free puzzles. Every day at midnight, a brand-new challenge is made available to everyone, however, some nations get a head start.

The game’s rules are straightforward. The five-letter word of the day is produced at random, and players get six chances to guess it. The squares for each letter change color as you complete them to show your progress. Correct letters are indicated by green squares when they are in the proper place and by yellow squares when they are in the incorrect position.

Wordle 696’s answer is a word that describes a popular coffee drink created with espresso that has Italian origins.

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Wordle 696 Clues and Solution:

  • The word contains two vowels.
  • There is one letter that appears twice.
  • It is a noun.
  • The vowels in the word are ‘A’ and ‘E’.
  • The first letter of the word is ‘L’.

Wordle 696, May 16, 2023, FAQS

What is the answer to Wordle 696?

The answer is: LATTE

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