Wordle 692 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Friday,12, May 2023

The May 12th-posted Wordle challenge for today offers a straightforward resolution. Players shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring out the word since it frequently refers to eating. The term just has one vowel and a rather unusual sound, which could make it difficult to pronounce. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify the letter combination, and there shouldn’t be many alternatives. Please continue reading if you need more help solving Wordle 692.

How To Play Wordle And What Its Rules Are:

Wordle was developed in 2021 by a software engineer named Josh Wardle and is now headquartered in the US. The game was purchased by The New York Times in January 2022, but no changes were made to its features.

With only six tries, players must correctly guess a word produced at random in Wordle. To show the status of each letter entered, the game uses colored squares. Correct letters are shown in green squares when they are in the proper positions; erroneous letters are shown in yellow squares when they are in the wrong positions.

A popular and totally free guessing game is called Wordle. A new challenge is issued each day at midnight, and gamers from all over the world can access it.

It’s excellent that you found the Wordle 692 tips to be useful. If not, don’t worry; this is the solution:
Wordle 692’s solution is a word that describes a tiny portion of food or drink that is consumed in between meals, either to satiate desires or hunger or just for enjoyment.

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For Wordle 692, here are some helpful hints to guess the answer:

  • The word contains only one vowel.
  • No letter appears twice in the word.
  • It is a noun that can also be used as a verb.
  • The vowel in the word is ‘A’.
  • The last letter of the word is ‘K’.

Wordle 692, May 12, 2023, FAQS

What is the answer to Wordle 692?

The answer is: SNACK

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