Wordle 688 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Monday,08, May 2023

The Wordle 688 challenge for today, which was published on May 8, is difficult. The selected adjective can be defined as dazzling, blazing, or shining, however, it is not frequently employed in regular speech. Even though the word doesn’t contain any uncommon consonants, its occasional usage could make it difficult to guess. If you were unable to solve today’s Wordle, continue reading for more tips and hints to assist you.

How To Play Wordle And What Its Rules Are:

Wordle will commemorate its debut in June 2022. Josh Wardle, a software programmer located in the US, devised a game that quickly became popular with gamers searching for a fun mental challenge. In January of the same year, The New York Times purchased the game.

The Wordle rules are simple to understand. Players have six chances to correctly guess a five-letter word that is produced at random each day at midnight. As players enter their predictions, tiny squares change to green, yellow, or grey to show whether their prediction was accurate.

The guess letter is in the right place if a square turns green. If a square becomes yellow, the letter that was predicted is correct, but it was placed incorrectly. Finally, the guesses are erroneous if a square goes grey.

Were the Wordle 688 tips helpful? Of course, we hope so. ‘AGLOW’ is the right response if you were unable to figure out the riddle.

‘Aglow’ is defined as “shining with light and color” or “bright” in the Cambridge Dictionary.

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Wordle 688’s clues and solution are provided below:

The adjective is what the term is.
It has two vowels: ‘A’ and ‘O’.
The term doesn’t contain any letters twice.
The word’s final letter is ‘W’.

Wordle 688, May 08, 2023, FAQS

What is the answer to Wordle 688?

The answer is: AGLOW

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