Wordle 678 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Friday,28, April 2023

Due to the word’s uncommon usage in regular speech, the answer to Wordle 678 on April 28 may be challenging. Although there are no uncommon consonants in the word, it can be challenging to guess. It is a preposition that can be used with the words “around” or “about,” and it is frequently used with the word years. Did these hints help you answer today’s Wordle puzzle? If not, continue to read.

How To Play Wordle And What Its Rules Are:

Josh Wardle, an American software programmer who created Wordle in 2021, sold the rights of the Word game to The New York Times in January 2022.

With its free-to-play puzzle, Wordle soon gained popularity as a popular guessing game that enthralled millions of players worldwide. After purchasing the game from its inventor, The New York Times decided not to change any of its features.

A new challenge is released internationally every day at midnight, causing a time difference where some nations can see the new word before others.

The game’s rules are simple to understand. The five-letter word of the day is randomly created, and players get six chances to guess it. The letters’ corresponding squares will change color as you fill them in to green, yellow, or grey to show whether you’re on the right track.

The letter is in the proper place if the box is green, but if it’s yellow,

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Here are some tips for Wordle 678 as well as the solution:

There are two vowels in the term.
Two letters are repeated.
It is an adverb.
‘I’ and ‘A’ are the word’s vowels.
The term has a ‘A’ at the end.

Wordle 678, April 28, 2023, FAQS

What is the answer to Wordle 678?

The answer is: CIRCA

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