Wordle 585 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Wednesday,25 January 2023

“The term used in the January 25th Wordle challenge is one that most people are probably familiar with, making it rather simple. The term is challenging because it has a lot of vowels and at least one extremely uncommon consonant.

The letter combination should be simple if you properly guess two to three letters in your first few tries. If you use strategy, you should be able to finish the puzzle without using all of your efforts. No danger exists when there are several possibilities. Please continue reading if you need more help with Wordle 585.”

“Wordle 585 Clues and Solution:

  • The word features three distinct vowels
  • There are no repeated letters in the word
  • It is a noun
  • The vowels included in the word are ‘A’, ‘I’, and ‘E’
  • The final letter of the word is ‘E'”

Wordle 585,January 25,2023,FAQS

What is the answer of Wordle 585?

The answer is: MAIZE

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