Wordle 579 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Thursday,19 January 2023

The Wordle challenge for today, number 579, is not very simple. The fact that the word of the day only has one vowel complicates the challenge despite the fact that it is a phrase that is regularly used to describe something unpleasant in talks.

On the other hand, the letter combination is simple to decipher because it has a straightforward spelling. This also means that you could run into the issue of having too many selections. Please continue reading if you need more help solving Wordle 579.

Here are the hints and answer for Wordle 579:

the word contains only one vowel,

and there are no duplicate letters.

It is an adjective, and the vowel in the word is ‘U’.

The word ends with the letter ‘Y’.

Wordle 579,January 19,2023,FAQS

What is the answer of Wordle 579?

The answer is: MUCKY

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