Wordle 576 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Monday,16 January 2023

The Wordle challenge for today, January 16, might be a little difficult since the spelling might be tricky to figure out rather than because it’s a rare word.

The word of the day has two uncommon consonants and only one vowel, which is a difficult combination to decipher most of the time.

You are less likely to run into the problem of too many possibilities because it is a common word and the letter combination is not exceptional. Continue reading if you need more help to solve Wordle 576.

Wordle 576 Tips And Solution:

The word in the problem only contains one vowel.
The word It’s a noun doesn’t have any characters that are repeated.
The word finishes with a “K,” and there is a “O” vowel in it

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What is the answer of Wordle 576?

The answer is: FROCK

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