Wordle 570 answer: Hints/Clues/Solution for Tuesday,10 January 2023

On January 10, are you trying to find the solution to Wordle 570?

The term in today’s challenge has a clear definition, but because other widely used synonyms are so prevalent, it might not be immediately clear what it means.

The solitary vowel in the puzzle may also make it difficult, even though the other consonants are quite frequent and simple to guess. Players might need some extra help because there are so many options to weigh.

Continue reading for further assistance in solving Wordle 570.

Here are some hints and the answer for Wordle 570:

  • The word is a noun.
  • It contains no repeated letters.
  • The word has only one vowel, which is ‘I’.
  • The first letter of the word is ‘G’.

Wordle 570,January 10,2023,FAQS

What is the answer of Wordle 570?

The answer is: GRIMY

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