The Ultimate Showdown: A Comprehensive Review of WWE 2K23

The legendary Shawn Michaels retired from pro wrestling in 1998 after suffering a career-ending back injury at the Royal Rumble. No one expected him to lace up his boots and step back into the ring again, yet the Heartbreak Kid made a triumphant return in 2002, eventually going on to cement his legacy with unforgettable matches against the likes of Triple H, The Undertaker, and Ric Flair. The quality of the second half of Michaels’ career ensured that his surprise comeback would be remembered as one of the most spectacular returns in WWE history, and it’s one that’s echoed in some ways by WWE 2K23. Following the disaster that was 2K20–a game so bad its successor was outright canceled–developer Visual Concepts returned to the squared circle last year with a solid foundation that 2K23 improves upon in a variety of ways, finally putting the long-running series back on form with a surprise comeback Mr. WrestleMania himself would be proud of.

There haven’t been many gameplay modifications since the previous year’s entry. As before, you’ll grapple your opponent to perform suplexes, DDTs, and spinning neck breakers, employ light and heavy attacks to execute combos, and build up metres to unleash signature moves and game-ending finishes. The N64 classic No Mercy, which many consider to be the best wrestling game ever, still doesn’t play like it should, but that wasn’t the series’ aim. In WWE 2K23’s realistic wrestling simulation, matches frequently swing back and forth as the tide is turned by frantic reversals and last-ditch kick-outs.

WWE 2k23 gameplay

WWE 2K23 has been improved in a small but appreciable way by Visual Concepts, thereby resolving a few minor bugs from 2K22. The smaller window for reversals’ timing is one such improvement. Due to the generous amount of time provided to neutralise an attack in the previous game, it was far too simple to alter the momentum of a battle. Reversals feel more potent with a smaller window, demanding you to watch your opponent’s movements and improve your reaction times. Each match will now be more engaging and tense as a result of this improvement.

WWE 2K23’s new pin-break technique, which involves flicking the right stick up to simulate a kick-out, heightens the tension of the in-ring action. The timing of this mini-game gets harder as matches go on and your energy levels drop, even if it is not a significantly game-changing innovation. The drama of the game is increased by mimicking the physicality of a wrestler bursting out of a pin. Although button-mashing is still an option, flicking the right stick makes more sense conceptually and offers a more immersive experience.

While some of the adjustments to WWE 2K23’s action might not be immediately apparent, they all have a good effect on the game. The emphasis on stamina this year causes wrestlers to slack off as matches go on. In addition, tag teams can now cooperate in the Royal Rumble rather than competing against one another right away, and the game also supports in-ring springboard strikes. Each Superstar now behaves more like their real-life counterparts thanks to better AI. Similar to Fire Pro Wrestling, you can also modify these patterns yourself using sliders, enabling AI versus. AI match-ups that closely resemble those we see on each week’s broadcast of Smackdown.

With Superstars exhibiting their entire arsenal of skills, including employing possum attacks and leverage pins to gain the upper hand, the AI has received a huge upgrade in 2K23. In addition, teammates are now able to strike the opponent’s partner while they are on the apron and are less likely to interfere with submission and pin-fall attempts in tag-team matches. Tag-team battles now go more smoothly as a result of these adjustments. While collision problems might occasionally lead you to miss attacks and the AI still has a tendency to frequently hurl you outside the ring, these are minor flaws compared to the overall gameplay experience.

The WarGames mode, where teams of three or four Superstars compete inside a cage holding two rings, is the most notable addition to 2K23’s match types. Up until all competitors have entered, each team member enters the cage at random intervals, giving them a numerical advantage. As everyone is inside, the match officially starts, and much of the drama is brought on by the shifting power relationships. The risk-reward aspect of the game style forces players to choose between using their major movements early on or saving them for when pin attempts matter. Despite the turmoil that WarGames inherently entails, the mode in 2K23 performs remarkably well. Pin attempts aren’t halted as frequently because the cage’s interior is large enough for manoeuvres.

“In NBA 2K23, the Showcase mode returns, and this time it focuses on John Cena’s 20-year career. In open interviews, the 16-time world champion discusses some of his most memorable contests and rivalries. As archive footage and in-game action seamlessly blend together during each match, you will then be given a variety of tasks to complete. In an intriguing turn of events, you play as some of the Superstars who have defeated Cena over the years rather than Cena himself. This strategy for the Showcase mode is a wise choice for 2K23 given that Cena’s domination in the ring made his losses all the more notable. Also, the fact that you take on a different persona for each game adds a novel dimension to the gameplay.”

Unfortunately, the Showcase mode doesn’t have the engagement it could. Although John Cena provides pre-match commentary, there is no additional commentary during or following each match, which would have given each encounter a feeling of seriousness or significance. Instead, the unmemorable crowd noises and monotonous soundtrack quickly become boring. Although there are certain instances where you must watch a match for several minutes, which might feel like an eternity, especially when you’re ready to carry out the sequence yourself, the transitions between the actual footage and gameplay are nonetheless excellent.

Both storylines are engaging and a lot of fun, alternating between serious conflicts and silly situations. There are times when you must make decisions that will change the course of your narrative and decide which Superstars will support you in the future. To choose between Evolution and The Hurt Business, two rebooted factions, or whether to utilise a chair to gain the upper hand. MyRise contains a lot of extremely obvious and self-referential material, and the prose shows that the author loves wrestling even outside of the WWE cocoon. This year’s game also doesn’t have a heavy dependence on in-game social media to tell its stories, unlike 2K22’s offering. The phoney Twitter stream continues

The MyRise mode in NBA 2K23 is a huge upgrade over the previous year’s version, providing a gripping narrative mode that immerses players in separate tales for male and female Superstars. You play The Lock, a successful independent wrestler who joins WWE as “the next great thing,” but who struggles with a subpar gimmick. Instead, as a female wrestler, you play as the niece of a renowned Hall of Famer who is attempting to build a career while stepping out of the shadow of your aunt. The narratives are well-written and alternate between fierce feuds and lighter times. Occasionally, you can make decisions that will affect your tale and which Superstars you will support. MyRise uses in-game social media less frequently than 2K22, concentrating on a

The MyGM, MyFaction, and Universe modes are also returning in this year’s version. The same as before, universe mode gives you total creative power over the scheduling of Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. You have the option of playing either as a lone Superstar or as a strong booker who decides which matches to take part in. Moreover, 2K23 from Visual Concepts includes a brand-new, comprehensive feature that lets you choose from a variety of rivalry actions to take place during each match. These behaviours range from pre-match assaults to post-match beatings, tag-team collapses to sportsmanlike gestures and management diversions during the middle of the bout, among others. Rivalries get an element of unpredictability when you have the choice of controlling the outcome of a given action or leaving it up to fate and tossing a coin. even though it cannot be compared

The mid-card US and Intercontinental titles are new in this year’s version of MyGM, giving your squad more opportunity to compete than just just one championship. The mode is still as intricate as it was the year before, though. Drafting a roster for your selected brand will need you to take into account things like your budget, the interplay between various wrestler types, and each wrestler’s alignment as a face or a heel. Once your team is established, you’ll need to put up a three-match programme each week with the ultimate objective of making a sizable profit, winning the ratings battle, and achieving certain goals to gain entry into the Hall of Fame.

Players can choose from a wider selection of General Managers in 2K23, including Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods, and reenact their Battle of the Brands conflict from UpUpDownDown. Each GM has special Power Cards that can be used to interfere with a competitor programme or improve your own, such as stealing a rival’s Superstar or raising the TLC match ratings. Although MyGM has a comprehensive tutorial, learning its complexities takes some time, and successfully planning weekly events can be difficult. With the possibility to participate for several seasons and fresh goals to keep things interesting, MyGM is no longer a one-time event. Despite the fact that individuals who disapproved of MyGM in the past are unlikely to change their thoughts, Visual Concepts has

WWE 2K23 exhibits notable advancements over its previous edition and a return to form after the infamous 2K20, despite some reservations. With the exception of Showcase and MyFaction, most modes have been improved, and the in-ring gameplay is still flawlessly polished. With the advent of WarGames and the numerous hours of amusement provided by Universe, MyGM, and MyRise, gamers will have plenty to do well past the next WrestleMania.

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