8 Best Free Games For Android in 2023

Mobile games that can be downloaded and played on Android smartphones without incurring any fees are referred to as free games for Android.

games for Android

The official app shop for Android smartphones, the Google Play Store, offers these games.

Best Free Games For Android

For Android devices, a huge selection of free games are accessible, including puzzle games, action games, adventure games, racing games, simulation games, and more. For Android, some of the most played free games are Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, and Pokémon Go.

  • Clash of Clans
  • Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles
  • Cooking Madness -A Chef’s Game
  • Hidden Objects Mystery Society
  • Catan Universe
  • Goat Simulator
  • Trivia Crack

    Ads that are shown when playing free Android games help to fund their development. In-app purchases are another feature that certain games provide, letting users access more material or purchase virtual products.

    01. Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans

    Supercell created and released the free-to-play mobile strategy game Clash of Clans. It was made available in 2012 for iOS smartphones and 2013 for Android devices.

    Players in Clash of Clans construct and improve their own town, raise troops, and engage in combat with other players or bases controlled by computer-generated goblins. Both single-player and multiplayer modes are available in the game.

    Gold, which is needed to construct and improve structures, and elixir, which is used to hone troops and buy spells, are the game’s main resources. Dark elixir, a third resource, is also available and is utilised to develop stronger troops.

    Gamers can join clans with other players and engage in clan warfare where they must defend and attack each other.

    02. Hidden Objects Mystery Society

    Hidden Objects Mystery Society

    Hiding Places A hidden object game app for mobile devices is called Mystery Society. Players in this game must locate a number of concealed things in a scene or image. The objects can blend into the background or pass for other elements in the image.

    The player character in Hidden Objects Mystery Society serves as the focal point of the game’s plot. This individual is a part of a covert organisation of investigators that looks into various crimes and mysteries. The game is set in many places around the globe, including castles, houses, museums, and historic sites.

    Players must successfully locate every concealed object in a scene in order to advance in the game. Throughout the game, players must also complete mini-games and puzzles.

    03. Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles

    Shatterbrain - Physics Puzzles

    A mobile game called “Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles” is accessible on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Players must utilise their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to tackle physics-based problems in this puzzle game.

    Shatterbrain’s gameplay entails destroying buildings with a variety of implements, including hammers, bombs, and saws. The game includes a variety of puzzles with varying degrees of complexity that test the player’s capacity for planning ahead and applying logic to solve the given problem.

    The puzzles are made more difficult and interesting by the game’s physics engine, which simulates the behaviour of things in real life. In order to complete the problems, the player must take into account various elements, like gravity, weight, and motion. Also, the game uses a variety of materials, such as glass, wood, and

    04. Catan Universe

    Catan Universe

    A digital version of the well-known board game “Settlers of Catan” is called “Catan Universe.” It enables gamers from all around the world to compete online against human opponents or machine opponents.

    In Catan Universe, players construct towns, highways, and cities on the game board while acquiring resources including wood, brick, grain, sheep, and ore. This gameplay is very similar to that of the classic Catan board game. The objective is to develop structures and control resources to amass victory points, with the first player to 10 victory points being proclaimed the winner.

    Players in Catan Universe have a variety of game options to select from, such as single-player, online multiplayer, and team games. Many expansions are also available for the game, such as “Seafarers,” “Cities & Knights,” and “Traders & Barbarians.”



    The smartphone battle royale game PUBG MOBILE was created by PUBG Corporation. It is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems and has been incredibly popular among mobile gamers all around the world.

    Players in PUBG MOBILE are dumped onto an island with up to 99 other players, where they must scavenge for supplies and weapons in order to survive and take out their opponents. There are other game modes in the game, such as solo, duo, and squad, where players can cooperate with one another to improve their chances of surviving.

    The gameplay in this game is difficult, and it calls for quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and sound judgement. A diminishing safe zone in the game also compels players to head for the island’s centre.

    06. Goat Simulator

    Goat Simulator

    The video game Goat Simulator was created by Coffee Stain Studios. This simulation game depicts a goat as the primary character and makes fun of previous simulation games.

    In Goat Simulator, players take control of a goat in a sandbox-style environment where they can explore, interact with items, and pull off a variety of tricks and activities. The game has no set goal, and players are free to make their own fun and mayhem by manipulating the goat to engage in various behaviours and wreak havoc on the game’s setting.

    The game’s quirky physics and amusing bugs add to its distinctive and engaging gameplay. The goat can pull off a number of tricks, each with its own special ability, including jumping, flipping, headbutting, and licking objects.

    07. Cooking Madness -A Chef’s Game

    Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game

    A mobile game called “Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Game” is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. It is a kitchen time-management game that tests players’ ability to manage their time and resources while preparing a variety of dishes under duress.

    Preparing dishes swiftly and effectively in order to serve customers and get money is a requirement in the game Cooking Madness. Many meals from various cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, and Japanese, are included in the game.

    Players in the game Cooking Madness tap and drag ingredients to prepare meals, serve them to guests, and rake in cash. Each level in the game has a distinct task, such as managing limited resources, dealing with restless customers, and simultaneously preparing many dishes.

    08. Trivia Crack

    Trivia Crack

    The mobile game Trivia Crack is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Players must respond to trivia questions from a variety of areas, including history, science, entertainment, and more.

    In Trivia Crack, users have the option of competing against the AI or live opponents. Players must spin the wheel to choose a category and correctly respond to a question in order to win a character token in the game, which includes a wheel with many categories.

    Also, there are power-ups in the game that players can use to their advantage, such as extra chances to answer questions or the ability to skip over erroneous answers.

    Players can earn character tokens in Trivia Crack by answering questions properly. There are several different sorts of questions. The

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