9 Best Free VR Games of 2023

There are many virtual reality (VR) games for iPhone and Android, but a large percentage of them have a high price. There are a number of must-play free VR games available on a variety of platforms, such as Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Oculus Store, so not all VR games have to be expensive.

(01) Practice Your Poker Face: PokerStars VR

The largest online poker site in the world, PokerStars, and Lucky VR Inc. collaborated to create the virtual reality game PokerStars VR. Players can take part in immersive and realistic poker games with players from all over the world in PokerStars VR.

Along with a multitude of poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the game also includes customisable avatars and virtual settings. Voice chat and a variety of animated emotes are available for player interaction, enhancing the social and immersive atmosphere.

A variety of mini-games and challenges, such slot machines and shooting ranges, are also included in PokerStars VR, increasing the overall entertainment value of the game.

The utilisation of virtual chips in PokerStars VR is one of its unique features.

(02) Go for a Thrill Ride: Epic Roller Coasters

Epic Roller Coasters is a virtual reality game created by B4T Games that enables users to simulate the exhilaration of roller coaster rides. Each of the game’s various coaster designs and locales has its own special twists, turns, and drops.

Players in Epic Roller Coasters can change the appearance of their avatars and select from a variety of roller coasters, from intense and realistic rides to fanciful and fantasy-inspired ones.

The capacity of Epic Roller Coasters to replicate the feelings of riding a real roller coaster, including the feeling of acceleration, g-forces, and drops, is one of its prominent characteristics. This makes it a well-liked option for VR aficionados seeking an exciting and immersive experience.

(03) Chat in VR: VRChat

The free-to-play social virtual reality game VRChat was created by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey. In VRChat, players can create and customise their own avatars, explore virtual worlds, and interact with other players in real-time using voice and text chat.

The ability for users to create and share their own virtual environments, objects, and avatars is one of VRChat’s defining features. This has led to a vast and diverse collection of user-created content, ranging from realistic recreations of real-world locations to imaginative and surreal environments.

VRChat provides a variety of mini-games and activities, including role-playing games, board games, even concerts and live events, in addition to socialising and exploring. Players can also join or create their own communities, known

(04) Play VR Games With Friends: Rec Room

Rec Room is a free-to-play multiplayer VR game developed by Against Gravity. It contains a range of mini-games and activities, such as paintball, laser tag, and dodgeball, as well as creative tools allowing players to construct and share their own custom rooms and games.

In Rec Room, participants can build their own avatars and engage with other players in real-time via voice and text chat. Users can also join groups, known as “clubs,” where they can connect with other gamers who share similar interests.

One of the standout features of Rec Room is its cross-platform support, which allows players on different VR platforms to play together. This resulted in a sizable and vibrant player community, making it simple to find others to play with.

(05) Watch Movies in a Virtual Theater: Bigscreen

Bigscreen is a virtual reality platform developed by Bigscreen Inc. that allows users to socialise and engage with each other in a virtual environment. Users can view movies, play games, and instantly share their desktop screens with others in a variety of virtual rooms that the service offers.

Users of Bigscreen can personalise their avatars and interact with one another via voice and text chat. They can also create their own private rooms and invite friends to join them, or join public rooms to meet and interact with new people.

Movie screenings, which let users watch movies and TV shows together in a virtual theatre, are one of Bigscreen’s most well-liked features. The site also provides a selection of games, including

(06) Best VR RPG: A Township Tale

A Township Tale is a cooperative multiplayer VR game developed by Alta, a small indie game studio. The game takes place in a mediaeval fantasy world where players work together to build and maintain a thriving town. Each player takes on a different role, such as a blacksmith, miner, or woodcutter, and must use their skills to gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and explore dangerous dungeons filled with monsters.

In addition to its crafting and survival elements, A Township Tale also has a strong focus on social interaction and teamwork. Players can communicate through voice chat and must work together to complete tasks and defend their town from enemy attacks.

Overall, A Township Tale is a unique and engaging VR experience that combines elements

(07) Best VR Demos: The Lab

Valve launched The Lab, a compilation of mini-games, to coincide with the development of their virtual reality headset, controllers, and Half-Life: Alyx. The purpose of these games was to introduce players to the VR world of Aperture Science. If you’re looking to experience a Valve world in VR, albeit on a smaller scale, and want to get a taste of what VR has to offer, The Lab provides the best introductory mini-games and tutorials available in the VR gaming industry.

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